Open Studio is a Melbourne-based architectural practice established by Britta Klingspohn and Heribert Alucha in 2005. The studio works with different scales and typologies but has a special interest in bespoke residences and artists’ studios. Many projects are located in heritage sensitive areas or in fragile natural environments where a considered analysis of context and site is critical. While Open Studio does not have a predetermined style, there are key themes that permeate the work, such as simplicity, natural light, a sense of place and materiality

About our Projects

As a reflection of our backgrounds, we favour simple forms, restrained geometries, human scale proportions and calm spaces. Our preference is for modest and unfinished materials. We believe that a quiet and understated architecture creates an ideal backdrop for the rituals of everyday life

Natural light is essential to our work. We use direct, indirect and filtered light to generate a richly layered spatial experience and bring an atmosphere of joy and wellbeing to each project. The shifting character of natural light across the day and throughout the seasons promotes a powerful connection with time

Many of our projects seek to actively engage the occupants with the surrounding environment. Applying our understanding of local climatic conditions, we work with subtle indoor/outdoor transitions, carefully framed views and screens to establish an enduring relationship with the outside. From every room there should be something to look at...

We also have a strong interest in well-crafted buildings. For us construction is not only pragmatic and functional, it is also an opportunity to bring a tactile quality and dimension to our projects. We aim for carefully considered spaces that are a practical and thoughtful response to each client, brief and budget

Architectural Services

Although unique residences remain a prominent part of our portfolio, we undertake a range of projects of varying complexity - from retrofits on tight sites to bespoke greenfield and brownfield projects

  • For small-scale projects (up to $2M) we provide full architectural services, from concept design to contract administration
  • For medium scale projects (up to $10M) we provide feasibility studies, concept designs and planning permit applications

Specialist Consultants & Sub-Consultants

Open Studio has extensive experience in project coordination and establishing consultant teams. We have close working relationships with an array of consultants who provide invaluable advice in a wide range of specialist areas. They include: landscape architects, planning consultants, land surveyors, engineers, building surveyors, etc

Building Information Modelling

Since 2008, Open Studio has used Building Information Modelling (BIM) software. It allows us to produce realistic 3D images for all stages of the project to visualise and verify design ideas. It is also a reliable tool to coordinate and integrate structures and services into the architectural documentation. BIM assists us in delivering projects on time and on budget


Open Studio is a registered architectural company under the Architects Registration Board of Victoria


Open Studio is a pre-qualified consultant for architectural services with the Victorian Government Construction Supplier Register

Acknowledgement of Country

We wish to acknowledge the people of the Kulin Nations, on whose land we work. We pay our respects to their Elders, past and present

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