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House Alterations & Additions in Clifton Hill - Completed 2013

The brief was to transform a traditional two-storey Victorian terrace house into a generous, contemporary family home filled with natural light. Local heritage controls prevented alterations to the street facade and front rooms. The original facade was restored, painted white and the rear elevation was opened up and extended

The configuration of the floor plan is both cellular and open-plan. While the interior spaces are based on the original independent rooms, the new interventions create a sequence of interconnected areas with distinct qualities. A new, natural and waxed black butt floor throughout the house expresses continuity, while the modulated floor levels and ceiling heights create a different quality for each room. The restrained, well-proportioned spaces achieved in the design add a sense of serenity to this house

Because of the southern orientation of the main living space, alternative sources of natural light are used to achieve a bright and warm interior and also to capture the changing light qualities throughout the day. A new central courtyard opens up the core of the house, creating new internal and external views throughout as well as achieving a sense of transparency

Brickwork bridges the relationship between the new elements and the original building and provides a continuing sense of solidity. New work is subtly distinguished from the original by using a dark coloured brick and modern detailing

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