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House Alterations & Additions in Fitzroy North - Completed 2014

This project is an extensive renovation and addition to a tired single storey Victorian house in a heritage sensitive area in North Fitzroy. After living in the house for some years, the clients - a couple with a young daughter - wanted a warm and relaxed family home filled with natural light. They were also looking for a convenient way to accommodate grandparents who visit regularly

A simple volume replaced the inefficient additions from the 70s and 80s. It was built to occupy the full width of the property and make the most of the small site. The new area contains living, dining, kitchen and a guest bedroom zone. A series of full height glazed doors open onto a secluded rear garden and fill the space with light. The timber floor and roof were extended to make a sheltered outdoor room. External boundary walls of old and new brickwork were left exposed to contrast with the white interiors. In the evening, the backlit translucent fibreglass ceiling illuminates the garden with a soft light

A large sliding door can divide the generous living room in two areas generating a semi-independent studio - with its own kitchenette, bathroom and direct entry from the street. The internal configuration of the house can be easily adjusted to suit family routines such as visiting grandparents, school holidays… But it can also be adapted to long-term changes in family patterns, such as children growing-up, working from home, or even returning adult children...

The project explores ways to offer flexibility and different levels of privacy relevant to inter-generational living, evolving family life, and changing inhabitation models

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