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Apartment Fitout in Kew - Completed 2005

The project of renovating a 4-level apartment in the former 1870 Hospital focuses on the idea of developing an environment suitable for both professional life and domestic family life. Additional concerns were for an increased feeling of openness, more natural light at the core of the apartment and coherent circulation

In the current context where work/living relationships are evolving, the project is a re-interpretation of the conventional boundary between a family residence & office. It is an attempt to make these conflicting activities compatible by providing visually neutral and flexible spaces, without resorting to the use of independent zones. The project does not use a predetermined style. It tries to express clarity & meaning by the honest use of materials and techniques. The majority of the unwieldy 1993 alterations were removed to restore the original Victorian proportions. The unity of the existing apartment (composed of a series of incongruous rooms) is enhanced by the use of consistent finishes throughout the project. The large kitchen, part of the professional activity, becomes the focal point of the residence. Its location provides an open & better-proportioned space in keeping with the rest of the apartment

The new discreet interventions are identified by the use of plywood and simple forms. Careful detailing of junctions accentuates the contrast between new & old. The majority of Heritage features are either painted white or left untouched and used as a background for new insertions. The project re-uses an existing space with no structural transformations. The extent of new work is contained and occurs in strategic locations. It provides a durable & timeless design. A very limited number of materials are used in the project: plywood (from plantation), natural fibre carpet (goat hair), ceramic tiles...

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