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House Alterations & Additions in Eaglemont - Completed 2012

This project required alterations and additions to a freestanding house built between the wars. The objective is to create a new, generous and efficient space that will provide the main living areas for a large family

The formal approach to the extension involves creating a single space. It is slightly distorted to shift its orientation towards the northern aspect of the block and also to define the outdoor space. The new space contains the required large multiple use living, dining, kitchen, study and play areas. To establish a strong connection between the living space and the rear garden, three large sliding glazed doors extend the living spaces into the garden and pool area

Works to the existing house were deliberately kept to a minimum. In this way more of the budget could be allocated to the new work. Fortunately the existing house had well-proportioned main rooms and these were retained as bedrooms. Changes to the existing part of the house focussed on improving circulation and finding space for new bathrooms. Grouping both the sleeping and services areas together gives the house the spatial integrity often found in older houses; the house is now more compact, more efficient and therefore easier to live in

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